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update4.jpg (69636 bytes) Dec 2016 Additional examples of the management of severe wounds : using Ciderm SP antiseptic wound spray and irrigation in animals  
update3.jpg (27601 bytes) August 2013:Wound Management - Using Stable Chlorine Dioxide Complex Antiseptic Solution

* Surgical Wound Case Studies using Ciderm(R)SP
* In Vitro Testing using Ciderm(R)SP against Staph,E.coli and Pseudomonas bacteria, Malassezia (Yeast) and Microsporum (Fungus).

update2.jpg (23999 bytes) May 2013 : Topical Antisepsis : A comparison study of Ciderm(R)SP and Vetericyn(R)

An In-Vitro comparison between the efficacy of Ciderm(R)SP and Vetericyn(R)

update1.jpg (64432 bytes) Feb 2013 : Frontier introduces Ciderm SP;  A new topical Antiseptic based on a proprietary fromulation of stable chlorine dioxide complex in an aqueous solution.

  cidermSP1ozSpray.jpg (14985 bytes)

For a limited time, a free trial sample of
1oz Ciderm(R) Antiseptic Wound Spray
is available to practicing Veterinarians in the USA.

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